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Gourmet Salts

Gourmet Salts

Offered here is a line of some of the worlds most exotic, alluring and flavorful salts created with the artisan in mind. Salts have numerous benefits for both food and cosmetic applications and are naturally rich in beneficial minerals. They may be incorporated seamlessly into most cosmetic preparations and are a culinary staple for the most discerning chef who cannot compromise the rich flavor of fine dishes. The numerous sea salts we offer are 100% natural, renewable, and ethically harvested from all over the world.

History of Salt

Today salt is universally available, but historically this was not the case. In the past, salt was used as a method of food preservation, flavoring agent, in pottery, religious rituals, and for medicinal and nutritional properties. It has served as money at various times and places, been the objective of major explorations, and it has caused bitter warfare. Salt was used around the world by many different cultures, including the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks. Documents have even been recovered in China from 2,700 BC that discuss over 40 types of salt and their extraction methods, which are very similar to the processes still used.
Presently, salt comes either from salt mines or from the sea. Most of today's salt is mined from large deposits left by dried salt lakes throughout the world. However, the sea salt offered by Mountain Rose Herbs has been gathered from the Pacific Ocean and solar dried this is the more costly of the two processes.

Black Lava Salt

Black Lava SaltBlack Lava Salt Trade Name: Black Lava Salt, Lava Salt, and Black Hawaiian Salt

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A revered and delectable salt exclusively used for adding depth and complexity to the finest of culinary creations. The added advantage of Black Lava salt is that it is infused with activated charcoal which assists the body in removing harmful impurities, and is exceptionally high in essential minerals to help maintain the body's normal functions. A supplemental salt which adds a truly unique flavor to roasted vegetables, soups, stir-fry dishes and on the barbeque.

Hawaiian ocean water is drawn into complex array of filters and will go through a reverse osmosis process. From here the water is evaporated through a sophisticated solar evaporation method leaving behind the finished salt product which is hand collected and further infused or "bathed" in activated Coconut shell charcoal.

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink SaltHimalayan Pink Salt Trade Name - Himalayan Pink Salt.
Origin - Himalayan mountains.
Extraction - Hand-mined, hand-washed, and sun dried.
Shelf life - 4-5 years

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Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts available for culinary, therapeutic and cosmetic uses. This delectable salt is hand mined from the pristine Himalayan mountain range and the crystals range dramatically in color from off-white to a lustrous pink, which indicates a quantifiable amount of 84 trace elements and iron. The benefits are endless but Himalayan Pink Salt is primarily used for gourmet cooking and in bath preparations.

**Notes- Store in an air right, covered container in a cool dry place. Fluctuations in humidity may cause salt to cake. A granular salt with a average size of 1-2 mm. Fully dispersible in water and blends well with oil. Kosher certified through Earth Kosher.

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Red Alaea Salt

Red Alaea SaltRed Alaea Salt Trade Name-Red Alaea Salt, Red Hawaiian Salt, and Red Salt
Origin-Hawaii, USA

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Red Alaea has been the traditional salt used within the Hawaiian Islands to season and preserve most of the inhabitants foods, and its mesmerizing color, bold flavor, and signature taste profile make it a favorite of countless chefs across the globe. It has a gorgeous deep red color because it is processed with a healthy quantity of Alaea, the legendary red clay found only in Hawaii, and as a result it is rich in iron oxides which may help those who suffer from iron deficiencies Red Alaea salt is excellent with salads, barbeques, fish, raw foods and other light dishes.

Red Alaea salt is a mellow flavored salt that compliments all types of meat dishes, as well as soups and stews. It is gaining popularity as a topping for chocolate deserts and ice cream. Its high mineral content makes it the perfect compliments to any beauty/body care regime or formula.

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Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked Sea SaltSmoked Sea Salt Trade Name- Smoked Sea Salt, Wood Cured Salt
Origin- USA (California)
Extraction- Solar dried and Red Alder Wood Smoked
Shelf life- 4-5 years

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A new breed of natural smoked sea salt which we find stimulating to the taste buds and complimentary to North American culinary dishes. This Pacific Sea Salt is slow smoked over real Pacific Alder wood, giving it an authentic and full bodied smoke flavor. This alluring salt is a 100 % natural way to add an authentic smoked flavor that does not leave a lingering "charcoal-like" after taste. Smoked Sea Salt combines traditional Alder wood flavor with the benefits of mineral rich sea salt to create a unique flavor profile to be used within your favorite foods.

**Notes- Stores well under most conditions but fluctuations in humidity may cause it to cake up and harden. Manufactured for food use and can be ground with a simple salt grinder for a finer crush or may be applied directly. This smoked sea salt is cured by a slow roasting of Red Alder under sea salt to produce its distinctive flavor and color.

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Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea SaltDead Sea Salt For cosmetic use only.
Dead Sea Salt Profile
Trade Name- Dead Sea Salt
Origin- Israel
Extraction- Sifter raked from the Dead Sea and sun dried.
Shelf life- 3-4 years

A luxuriant sea salt extracted and solar dried from the saline and mineral rich marshes of the confined Dead Sea. Dead sea salt is a nutrient rich, extremely fine, and partially moist salt perfect for bath products and scrubbing blends. Because of its moisture content we have found it easily mixed with other ingredients with little or no separation. This salt is extremely wealthy in numerous key elements and has proven to be one of the best therapeutic salts available.

Notes- Stores well under most conditions, but high temperatures and direct exposure to light will dry the material out. excessive humidty may cause it to cake up and harden. The grade of salt offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is typically marked as a "Fine Grade" and its particle size is a US #10 Mesh.

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Sea Salt, Coarse or Fine

Sea SaltSea Salt Sea Salt (Coarse or Fine)
Trade Name- Sea Salt, California Sea Salt, Cosmetic Salt, and Pacific Salt
Origin- USA (California)
Extraction- Solar dried
Shelf life- 4-5 years

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An excellent food and cosmetic grade sea salt from the coast of California. All natural, solar evaporated sea salt that makes the perfect scrub, bath salt, or for inclusion in your custom formulated bath blends. Lovingly create your own bath salts by mixing dried herbs, flowers and botanicals, or add your own essential oils to create an euphoric bathing experience.

Notes- Stores well under most conditions but fluctuations in humidity may cause it to cake up and harden. The line of sea salt offered by Mountain Rose Herbs meets USDA and FDA standards for food and cosmetic use, and is Kosher certified through Earth Kosher. For personal home use it can be ground with a simple salt grinder of similar device.

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