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White Teas

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White teas are appreciated by tea connoisseurs for their unmatched subtlety, complexity, natural sweetness, and delicacy. The appearance of the leaves is unaltered. Least processed (steamed and dried), these teas have very little caffeine.

Health Benefits of White Tea: White tea is the least processed tea, so it is very high in antioxidants and very low in caffeine. Studies show that antioxidants in white teas help to reduce the risk of cancer, particularly lung, colon, and skin cancer; antioxidants also strengthen your immune system and help with metabolism. White tea is also excellent for hydration of the body and the skin, which acts naturally to reduce the signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles). And white tea also aids in detoxifying your body. A cup of white tea only has about 1% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. All tea includes fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the formation of plaque. Some white teas may have additional health benefits.

Acai Blueberry White TeaAcai Blueberry White Tea

Imperial Acai Blueberry White Tea

Renowned for its antioxidants, white tea and "superfoods" blueberries, acai and black currant are combined in this royal treat. $12.00
Blooming Tiger White TeaBlooming Tiger White Tea

Blooming Tiger White Tea

This artisan display tea is comprised of a vibrant orange tiger lily blossom with an arch of hand-tied jasmine flowers, and a delightful white tea completes the bouquet.$18.00
White Chai TeaWhite Chai Tea

White Ayurvedic Chai Tea

A chai that stands apart! This energizing tea contains spicy bursts of cinnamon, cloves and black and red pepper tempered with sweet coconut and delicate lemongrass.$10.00

Lavender White TeaLavender White Tea

Lavender Dreams White Tea

A rare delicate white tea with the tranquility evoking scent of lavender blossoms and violet flowers.$15.00
Babylon White TeaBabylon White Tea

Queen of Babylon White Tea

A whimsical tasting rare white tea blended with immunity boositing pomegranate seeds, sour cherries, sweet carrot bits, apple and pineapple pieces.$15.00
Silver Needle White TeaSilver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea

Also known as Yin Zhen, this well guarded secret of Chinese emperors is a rare delicacy for a Western table.$18.00

Snow Geisha White TeaSnow Geisha White Tea

Snow Geisha White Tea

Chinese white tea combines deliciously with sour cherries and candied cranberries to create an exotic, yet delicate blend.$15.00
Strawberry Paraiso White TeaStrawberry Paraiso White Tea

Strawberry Paraiso White Tea

Escape to Shangri-La with tempting fresh strawberry, white popcorn and fruit bits that combine beautifully with white and green tea.$10.00
ToLife White TeaToLife White Tea

ToLife White Tea

An uplifting union of red, white, and green teas.$10.00

Frutto Bianco Pearls White TeaFrutto Bianco Pearls White Tea

Frutto Bianco Pearls White Tea

Tropical fruits effortlessly complement hand-rolled, delicate white tea pearls.$14.00
White Peach TeaWhite Peach Tea

Precious White Peach White Tea

An incredibly smooth blend of delicious peach pieces and downy white tea buds.$15.00
Earl Grey White TeaEarl Grey White Tea

Earl Grey White Tea

Traditional Earl Grey is modernized by adding bergamot essence to white tea.$10.00

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